Our Swan City Story


Chef Racine

Owner and head Chef

Hey everyone! I’m Chef Racine. I am the owner and working chef at Swan City Bagels. I love my family & friends, yoga, traveling, culture, all animals, and most importantly creating great food! I was born in New York, but moved to Florida as an infant. When I was a baby, my father passed away, and my mother was left to be the sole provider and role model. She taught me what it meant to be a strong, and independent woman, who can make her own future through hard work, and dedication. Those lessons stuck with me throughout my life. I worked hard through school and earned a scholarship to Johnson & Wales in South Florida, where I earned my Bachelors in Culinary. From working in a butcher shop scenario, to creating delicate culinary artistic masterpieces, and even extensive experience as a mixologist. I’ve worked in many restaurants and bars throughout the state and have finally opened a place I’m so proud of, Swan City Bagels! Culinary is my passion, my expression, my art medium, and I genuinely enjoy it sharing it with my community.


Im often asked, why I choose the world of bagels, instead of the “fancy stuff”. We’ll… because I like them! lol. Being Jewish, bagels were a cultural staple growing up, and having family from New York it was part of everyday. Bagels are a food anyone can enjoy. They’re great for any meal and any person. Rich or poor, young or old, and it doesnt matter where you’re from, everyone loves bagels, and our Swan City Bagels are made extra special! Did you notice that on our Super Nova Bagel, the lox is arranged to emulate a rose? Did you see the house-made, candied turkey bacon, on the brunch bagel? Exciting, fun, and unique flavors like our Hot Cheeto cream cheese, & pimento jalapeno schmear? It’s those types of little things that make life, fun!


What’s the story behind the name, SWAN CITY BAGELS?

Well, most locals know of Swan City, as a nickname for the Lake Eola area of Orlando, (The place with the gorgeous swans all over, and the swan boats) and that’s where we’re located. It’s a dream come true to be here, in a beautiful neighborhood with brick roads, inside a historical building, next to Lake Eola, (a place with a personal and sentimental story of its own). We never know what the future brings, or where we will end up, but it’s important to never forget where you came from.